Frequently Asked Questions

What age should my child be for their first hair cut?

We start hair cuts from a year old, but it doenst mean you HAVE to have it done at this age, some children don't have much hair until they are older and might not be ready for it. We recommend the parents make the decision for their own child, you know best.

Can I do anything to prepare my child for their appointment?

YES! -Children often look to their parents for support when in new situations. If you are calm and positive approaching the appointment, your child will more than likely mirror your actions. -Getting them used to someone in their personal space is also a bonus, practice brushing their hair or even just touching their head and ears will put them more at ease when they come to meet us! -Wording such as HAIRCUT can sound scary to a child so try using the word Trim instead. -If you have a very nervous child you can brng them to visit us before an appointment so they know what the salon and staff are like.

What can I do/use if my child doesn't allow me to brush their hair?

Using the right type of brush can make a big difference. We always use Tangle Teezers to assist with removing knots, this will be pain free for your child and less fuss. Products like leave in conditioners and detangle sprays will make the hair easier to manage and prevent knots from retunring. Always check the product for Sulfates and Parabens as these can dry the hair out and make brushing harder.

What age can my child have the clippers?

We suggest waiting until the child is happy having a full hair cut and advise parents about the childs delicate skin. We can always approach the clippers with the child to see how they respond to the vibration and sound.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

We understand sometimes things happen and you miss an appoinment. However if you miss 2 appoinments you will have to pay a deposit for any future appointments.

How can I change my appointment?

You can phone us to make any changes to your appointment, or if you booked online you can access your account and adjust bookings there. We need 24 hours notice for any changes or cancellations, this is so that other customers have the oppurtunity of having that space. Late cancellations will be charged for under certain conditions.

What should I expect from my visit?

When you arrive at EK Hair you will be greeted by your stylist and shown where your child can pick a DVD to watch. If they are older they can play on a Nintendo DS. If its not too busy your child will have the oppurtunity to choose their vechicle. (Some days this option will not be possible) We will then discuss with yourself about what your wishes are for their hair.We will offer the child a gown to wear but sometimes we suggest skipping this stage as being restricted can upset them. This is when we will start showing the child the comb and brush their hair. When the haircut is completed we will remove any hair from the child and offer them a biscuit as a reward. We will always invite you to check the haircut at the end of the service and you can tell us if there is anything you would like to change.

If I cut my child's hair will it make it thicker?

Hair is like any part of your body, it depends on your DNA. If the parents have fine hair the child is more likely to inherit fine hair. Alot of parents believe cutting a child's hair shorter will make it thicker, this unfortunatly is not true, however it does give the hair a fuller look if its kept one length and well maintained.