Boy Sitting on a Chair

They don't have to sit in a chair, if they prefer to stand, sit on the floor or sit on your lap they can.

Playing with Toys

They can bring a favourite toy, teddy or blanket to help.

Clocks on Shelf

We charge for the service and not the time used.

Our approach

We believe that everyone is unique and that your experience within the salon should be the same. We often have parents contact us for advise, so we have added this section to give you a bit of an insight to our approach.

Over the years we have had to adapt to many different situations and we work alongside the families to achieve the best outcome.

In our experience we find that by allowing the client a settling in period before we start the service an enormous help when we approach the hair trim itself. We suggest booking a restyle appointment as that allows us 30minutes with you in the salon, but please understand that we will only ever charge for the service that has been given. We don't like the client to feel rushed so will always discuss with you the options before we begin. We feel that even the small steps are important, so if we manage to brush their hair or trim their fringe this is still an achievement.

Our first step is to build a bond of trust with the client so they know they are safe. We come down to their level, introduce ourselves and spend a few minutes getting to know you. This is really crucial in a new environment as there can be so much going on, we know how important first impressions are and we want to build positive foundations.

We then begin to work out what the individual can and can't cope with and build up from there, sometimes we don't sit down in the vehicles, sometimes we don't wear a cape and sometimes we manage to have a full haircut.

As we progress our next aim is to desensitize the client to the sensation of having their hair, head, arms and back touched or played with. We aim to keep the fun so that they see this as a treat or day out rather than somewhere to be scared of. If they are happy with this stage we then begin to introduce the tools that we will be using. We will show them the comb, tangle teezer, water spray, scissors and cape. In some cases we can even show them the clippers but often suggest not to use these on a first visit to the salon.

We recommend using the words "hair trim" instead of "hair cut" so they don't associate it with hurting themselves.

Positive body language, expressions and tone of voice are all benifiting factors, children will pick up on the vibe around them so try and stay positive about your expectations. If in doubt sometimes it's good to let us show you first.

We offer a biscuit (with parents permission) at the end of the appointment so they finish on a high. Sometimes we offer it to them earlier to help them settle as they will begin to trust us. You are always welcome to bring your own snacks or drinks too.