Price may change upon consultation

 with your chosen stylist.


Fringe Trim : £5​.00

Dry Cut (under 1 inch cut off : £13.50

Restyle (over 1 inch cut off) : £18.50

Wash and Cut : £16.00

Wash Cut and Dry : £22​.00

Styling (Plaits not including cut) : £7.00

Children between 10-16 years old may differ in price depending on style required.

First Haircuts can add an optional certificate for an extra £5


Cutting Services:

Fringe Trim - £5.00

Dry Cut (under an inch) - £25.00

Wash, Cut & Blow-dry - £35.00

Restyle, Wash, Cut & Blow-dry (over an inch) - £40.00

Curls - from £15.00

Hair up - from £30.00

Gents Dry Cut - £18.50

Gents Wash & Cut - £21.00

Gents Restyle/Fade  - £22.00

Technical Services:

Re-growth - from £30

Foils - from £45

Free consultation with any stylist to discuss colours and get a full quote.

All new customers require a skin test 48hours prior to colour appointment.

Please note:

-Booking the wrong service may result in us not being able to complete your chosen look.

-All online bookings made out of salon opening hours will be confirmed the next working day. 

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