What our clients say about us

 My son has been coming to EK Hair for 5 years, the staff are incredible at accommodating his special needs. From using BSL (British Sign Language) with him to ensuring his routine is kept, he feels happy and content throughout what elsewhere would be a very daunting time. EK Hair do a fantastic job at meeting so many different needs to make their business as inclusive as possible. My son is so excited now for his haircuts he has a countdown chart at home. I would recommend EK Hair to any family, especially those who find the experience difficult.


My 5 year old son has complex and additional needs and he's been regularly getting his hair cut at EK Hair since he was a year old. The girls make him (and me!) feel comfortable and at ease, even when he's having a bad day causing a bit of chaos in the salon. he now knows the routine of what happens during his cut and Chloe and Nessa take time to know his likes and dislikes. EK Hair are professional, personal, caring and understanding and i would definitely recommend them.


Brilliant, as always. We will continue to travel from Wiltshire to EK Hair, as they are the best by far. Keep up the good work! 

Leo, Oscar and Mummy

We have been coming to EK Hair for 6+ years, my daughter is autistic and needs patience and understanding and through Chloe and Nessa, haircuts are a stress free enjoyable visit. I can't thank them enough. Even my NT daughter goes now and loves to have her hair plaited after having it cut.


We have been using EK Hair for years. As a mum to a severely disabled, the thought of going to a hairdresser can be daunting. "How on earth will they cope when she can't even hold her head still?"....This was never a problem for EK Hair. They asked me what suited her needs and adapt how they work accordingly. When she was a toddler that meant cutting her hair in my arms.....now she is bigger we just re-arrange the furniture and put her wheelchair in the space. They made it seem just as exciting for her as it was for the other kids. They met her needs and exceeded my expectations. They interact and communicate with my daughter and she always adores her EK Hair experience. Plus the cuts are always fabulous - and what kid wouldn't love to choose a DVD yo watch whilst they're there? My daughter can't see the screen but enjoys the music she hears. Highly recommend them. We feel part of the EK Family.



My daughter Charlotte has additional needs, and going to the hairdressers was very stressful, meltdown after meltdown it just wasn't working, she would often leave with wonky hair or without having her hair cut. This is when we decided to try EK Hair. Nervous at first Charlotte was encouraged to pick a DVD and choose a fun transport seat to sit in. Staff were very relaxed and calm and allowed Charlotte to do things in her own time and were patient with her. Charlotte now loves having her hair cut by Chloe. We have now been coming to EK Hair for 7 years.