Bath time can be a struggle for some little ones, we often have parents asking us for advice. We suggest lying the child on their back so that all the water runs away from their face. Use a small container or shower hose to limit the water flow onto their head. You can also give them a towel to hold over their eyes! Using a hair and body wash combined product will limit the amount of time the product is on their skin. 


Loads of children suffer from cradle cap, some at an older age. This is completely normal! Cradle cap is caused from lack of moisture to the scalp so the scalp creates a barrier allowing it to heal, keep and build as much moisture as possible before flaking off. Three main tips to help;

1. Use moisturising shampoo and conditioners (especially conditioners!) This will help bring more moisture to the scalp. Be observant to the ingredients in cheaper shampoo may contain parabens and sulfates which are designed to strip the hair which also causes further damage. 

2. Always use clean and fresh water when rinsing off shampoos and conditioners as using used bath water can cause build up on top of the cradle cap prolonging the cradle cap stage. 

3. Another thing to use (especially if they don't like it being washed) is olive or coconut oil. They are safe enough to eat them so they wont cause any damage to the scalp. Before they go to bed rub the oil into the areas effected, allow to soak in over night (place a towel under the pillow or sheet) in the morning gently brush the hair and the scabs will realise. Wash or rinse the hair to remove excess oil. Repeat weekly to see best results. 

NEVER pick out cradle cap as this will make it worse!  


Plaiting can take time to learn especially if your little one only gives you 3 seconds to practice! Watching YouTube videos can help with step by step tutorials, being able to re-watch over and over is a bonus! When you bring your little ones in feel free to watch us as we plait so you can get a feel of it in person. We are more than happy to go though it with you while we do it. We also offer plaiting course here in the salon so keep an eye out on Facebook for any upcoming ones.


When you brush your child's hair we know it can be a challenge, we can all remember what it felt like to have our hair nearly ripped out due to tangles, and we don't want our children to feel this way.

Always start at the bottom of the hair and slowly work your way up to the top working section by section to make it easier for all involved.

You can purchase specialized brushes such as Tangle Teezers to assist you with removing the tangles without pulling on their hair. Leave in conditioners will also make the hair silky and help to prevent knots.

Tips & Tricks